I’m a book enthusiast from the Chicago area.  Everyone who remembers me remembers that I always have a book.  Reading is an addiction for me – and I do mean that rather literally.  Without my books, I can get the shakes.  (True story.)  But reading is so much more satisfying than any drug or drink induced high.  Or sex.  But then again, I still have my wonderful “better than sex” shirt.  Ace pride, yo.

“But wait!” you ask, “Don’t you write as well?”  Well, yes, but no.  Believe me, I’ve tried and I just can’t manage to put together a coherent plot.  Sure, I might be able to correct this with practice, but I’m okay with my day job.  Instead, I role-play in my free time.  I do love it; taking characters through all kinds of development in story arcs that span years of real and fictional time.  Even killing them off when the story calls for it.  Roleplaying with other people releases me from having to come up with everything myself, and gives me the unexpected insights of the other(s) to build off of.

However, half the fun of roleplaying is the community that you become a part of.  Roleplaying without the community is simply writing books, and I simply can’t make the jump to do it all alone.  (And yes, I know that not only are there such things as co-authors, there are real books that were created from role-plays.  More on those next time I read one.)

I see you have another question.  Do I take recommendations?  Well, sometimes and sort of.  I can tell you right now that I’ve never read Game of Thrones.  So yes, I am probably deprived and missing out.  But the more popular something is, the more difficulty I have in forcing myself to start it.  I can also be very picky about my books – I am much more likely to read mediocre fantasy than sci-fi.  Maybe it’s because I read a ton more fantasy.  I guess I just prefer higher quality sci-fi when I do read it.

So yes, you can recommend books to me.  I may even read them, if I remember to pick it up, if I see it for a decent price, etc.  I’ve had mixed luck with recommendations though, so I tend to build off of authors I know.  When I find an author, I slowly work on collecting everything I can, even though the unwritten rule is that I never like every book they’ve written unless if they haven’t done much.  (Trust me, this rule holds so so so true.)

I don’t read ebooks.  I have a couple, but I just don’t like reading on devices for multiple reasons.  The big one is that I stare at an iMac for eight hours every weekday, then I come home and stare at a different one to role-play.  Then there’s the physicality of books, being able to date them fairly accurately by cover art, finding things that simply aren’t available digitally, and muscle memory.  I’m one of those people that, if I find a particular scene, exchange, or line I adore in a book, I can flip to it in under a minute.  I just know approximately where in the book it is.

So, welcome to my blog.  I’m going to try to update this when I finish a book (novel, mind you, not volume of manga or something else serialized).  If I do read something shorter, I intend to at least mention that it happened.  Don’t hate me too much if I forget, I am a voracious reader.  I’ll probably update in the evenings, when I’m not at work and have a full keyboard available.  You can track everything that I am reading here, whether it’s that book that’s been sitting in The Pile for a year, the book I’ve read so often it’s falling apart, or anything in between.  Some days there won’t be much to say – I might’ve sat down and burned through ten or more volumes of manga.  Other days it’ll be part of a single book and I have a small dissertation to write about it.  Who can say?  All I know is that there will be a lot of books here.