I’m Tired

After the disaster that was Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh, I felt I deserved something better.  Something I knew I’d enjoy.  So I gave in to temptation and reread Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik.

Yes, it took me a lot longer this time.  It’s been a busy weekend, I was out of town and, more importantly, I was the one driving.  So not nearly as much time to read as you might think, especially when you figure in actually socializing.  But that’s not a bad thing.  I already adore this book, so it was a decent choice in every way…except format.  I could’ve done without the added weight of a hardcover.

I have even less idea of what I’m reading next than I did on Friday, when I arbitrarily shoved a couple of the books I bought at Half price on Thursday into my bag.  (I had a coupon and an excuse to be in the area.  So sue me.  I was back there today with an even better coupon.)  I’m sure I will read them at some point, I just have no idea if any of my newest books will be next.

Well, there are some books new to me that won’t be next.  Or even read.  I was at my parents’ house briefly today, and I came away with a set of antiques.  Three old prayerbooks and an old bible.  I don’t know dates on everything, but the pair – a prayerbook and the bible – are both from the late fifties.  The prayerbook that’s mostly in its original shrinkwrap is probably from the same trip, as I’m quite certain all three of those are souveniers from a trip to Israel.  The other prayerbook has a publication date of 1897 and is the most fragile of the lot by far.

So the one with the (probably) fake ivory is The Form of Prayers for the Feast of the New Year According to the Customers of German and Polish Jews, ie a Rosh Hashanah prayerbook.  The set is a bible and an everyday prayerbook (only the bible still has a box), and I’m assuming the last is another everyday prayerbook.  The ones I’ve actually seen and handled outside of boxes are lovely, especially in comparison to the rather plain and undetailed ones I know today.  I do seem to have something of a prayerbook collection at this point, as a way of further connecting with my heritage. I am finally getting a set of High Holy Days Mishkan T’filah soon, so I’ll have that to pair with my old Gates of Repentence.  I don’t have an everyday copy in that set, but that’s mostly because I’ll have to spend actual money if I want one.

Anyway, I don’t really have much else to say because my mind is wavering between going everywhere at once and desperately wanting to fall into bed.  I’ll probably figure out my next book in the morning.


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