She’s Back…

You probably thought that after finally finishing a rather epic reread I’d go on to new books from the Pile.  Well, I didn’t.  At least, not  yet.  You see, I have been eagerly awaiting a new book from my favorite author, Mercedes Lackey.  But it’s in a series which means I obviously have to reread the preceeding books.  Okay, admittedly, I never have to do that, not unless if I don’t feel I remember enough or unless if I just plain want to.  And this is definitely an example of the latter case.

That’s right, for the third time since starting this blog, I’ve reread Hunter.

So, to recap for those who don’t remember or who haven’t read my old posts, Joyeaux Charmand (call her Joy, please) is a Hunter.  This means that she has magic and a pack of Hounds from another dimension/world/something who come into our material world in order to help her hunt down and kill the bizarre and dangerous magical creatures that have appeared in our world since the Apocalypse.  Except that it wasn’t the Apocalypse because no one got Raptured up to Heaven.  The Christers (formerly Christians) call it the Dies Irae or “wrath of G-d” but most people have mangled that into Diseray.  Which is accurate, everything was most definitely in disarray following a series of events including the Breakthrough of magical creatures, a nuke in what was Israel, and the world generally going to hell.

The book opens with Joy traveling to Apex, the capital and main center of what was the United States and is now just the nameless land she lives in.  She’s been summoned by her uncle, who is Prefect in the city.  A high military position, I think.  She’s under the impression she’s there to Hunt and show that not even her uncle’s family is immune to the call, but that’s not even remotely all.  In Apex, Hunters are essentially reality TV stars.  They’re recorded almost constantly, especially when out Hunting or socializing.

Every Hunter has their own vid (TV) channel where they are the star of their own story.  The rankers are the top two dozen or so Hunters, based on views their channel gets.  And Joy is trending from the get-go, starting her career in Apex in the top ten.  Which, if you’ve watched any kind of reality tv, means that not everyone is pleased by the new girl.

Of course, everyone knows that not everything gets shown on vid.  Those who follow Hunters may discuss and theorize about what’s not shown, and the Hunters themselves are under orders as to what they can’t discuss with Cits (nonmilitary citizens).  So when you have a large population, and secrets being kept from the populace as a whole, you can begin to see some of the twists and turns this book may take.

One reason I enjoy rereading Hunter is that, because I’m in a different place in my life and what I’m doing with my free time each goaround, I pick up different nuances and view the book in a different light.  Which is a clear sign of a good book, because that means I find something new every time I reread it.

In other news, my new Book of the Month Club book arrived today, along with a free tote bag.  I have to say, I am in love with this bag.  It was designed by booklovers, for booklovers.  It’s not huge, but it is a good size and very sturdily made.  Unlike my old reusable Jewel bags, I don’t see it falling apart for years to come.


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