Do Not Think, Become

Sea of Sorrows, book four of Sun Sword, is about people coming into their own.  Margret, daughter of Evallen, finds herself to be the new Matriarch of the Arkosan Voyani, and now must venture into the desert to become Matriarch in truth, not simply name.  With her goes the Serra Diora di’Marano, who wears the Heart of Arkosa around her neck, courtesy Evallen.  Being an Annagarian Serra, Diora has never truly had the freedom to be herself, save for the brief span of time when she was married to Illara kai di’Leonne.  Even then, freedom found her only in the harem’s heart with her sister-wives.

Along for the ride is Yollana, Matriarch of the Havallan Voyani, the Serra Teresa di’Marano, Teresa’s faithful seraf Ramdan, Bard Kallandras of Senniel College, and Jewel ATerafin with her entourage, which is much altered by her journey South.  This is not the only group to head Southwards however, as Valedan kai di’Leonne begins his journey to take back his homeland as well, arriving in Callesta with its Tyr’agnate.

I mentioned that this book sees several characters come into their own and become adults and individuals in their own rights.  Not everyone has reached that point in their own personal stories of course, but several do.  This is also a book that continues the theme of reminding us that what is ancient is not dead or gone.  Remember those lumps of sand I mentioned last time?  Well, there’s a reason I used that terminology, and the climax of this book is the reason why.

Not that I’ll offer more detail than this.  Because I really don’t want to spoil things for anyone and I think anyone who enjoys fantasy, likes well-created cultures, and loves the epic should give this a shot.

In other news, it’s September, and that means new selections for the Book of the Month.  To my absolute delight, my choice this month is one that I’m actively looking forward to: Robin Sloan’s new book.  I was so very excited when I finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore that I went online to see what else Sloan had written. Disappointingly, only the one book was available.  But now, thanks to BotM, I’ll get the brand new book soon!  It’s the first time I’ve actually read one of the authors they offer before, which made this month’s choice much easier as well as more intriguing.

My mom asked me today what made me pick The Wonder last year, as she’s now in the process of reading it.  I told her I had hoped for something different when I read the description, and made sure to remind her that whatever she thinks when she finishes the book, I do not at all want it back.  I don’t know that she’ll hate it as much as I did, but I’m not sure she’ll care for it any more either.

I have a number of books waiting to be read once I finish Sun Sword.  This whole having a life thing is taking a toll on how quickly I get through books and I’m slightly regretting it.

Kudos to anyone who knows the origin of the quote I used to title this post.  Hint: I read a book for this blog that’s closely related to the media.


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