Secret Revealed

Imagine this post backdated two days.  Mostly because I didn’t want to do anything without the author’s knowledge and permission.  Because, two days ago, I finished beta reading the new version of Lauren Jankowski’s Sere from the Green.  This was one of those two projects which was distracting me.  The other is personal and unimportant to the world at large.

You may recall that I talked about how she’s been given a wonderful opportunity not only to have amazing new cover art made for the rereleases of her first four books, but also to edit and revise those books in ways she wasn’t free to when they first came out.  Readers of the original editions may recall that the word “asexual” doesn’t appear until the fourth or fifth book, though orientation is heavily implied and if you ask anyone they’ll tell you straight that these books star asexual women.

When I read Sere from the Green for the first time, I didn’t want to offer any critique on the actual content because I understood the book had been written under constraints, not under the best conditions, and was my friend’s first book.  So I complained about widows and orphans and general typography issues that tend to occur in self-publishing.  And I offered, in all seriousness, to help out should the need arise.

Which led to this manuscript in my inbox.

I personally don’t believe any fan of the first book could be disappointed in this updated version.  The story and pacing are the same, though the writing has been tightened and improved.  The word “asexual” appears, as do abbreviations like “ace,” “aro,” and “gray-A.”  It’s…like Cinderella.  Beneath all the problems the first edition had, there was a good, sound story.  And now, the clutter has been brushed away to reveal a solid book.

I don’t know what the new release date is, but “sometime later this year.”  That may be for all four, I don’t know.  You can check Snowy Wings Publishing’s website for more information.

As for me, I have Through Storm and Night in my inbox now.

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