The second Dragon Jousters book is Alta, and this story takes place in Kiron’s homeland.  No longer a serf named Vetch, he returns to his people with the knowledge and experiences he gained in the Tian Dragon Courts.  Covering a bit more than a year this time, Alta explores many of the differences and similarities between the two lands.

Now Kiron has friends around his own age and older allies who have faith in him.  But the longer he lives in Alta City, the more things he notices that are…questionable.  Oh sure, the Altans have been losing ground to the Tians in the war for some years now, but that is the least of his concerns in the city.  And yes, Alta City is also known as the seven-ringed city for the seven circular canals.  Like I said last time, it’s not!Atlantis.

Alta gives us more information on how magic functions in the world of the Dragon Jousters, as well as expanding on what we know of the dragons themselves.  And, yes, there is a love interest, but it grows naturally and organically and helps with the plot in several key ways.

What can I say?  I’ve already said that I find the series as a whole to be interesting and engaging.  It has so much, from slice-of-life sections to full-on emergencies and adventures.  All the main characters want is peace, but they aren’t willing to surrender everything of import for it.  They’re heroes who think of what is best for all, and not just themselves personally.

On an unrelated note, I bought a book yesterday.  It’s the third time I’ve gotten a book from the Bookes and Arte shoppe at the Renaissance Faire, and this is the third nonfiction volume I’ve gotten from them.  You may recall how little nonfiction I read normally.  Those other two books are The Time-Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England and As You Wish by Cary Elwes, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.  That doesn’t make me more likely to pick up nonfiction in the future, it just makes me sure that the Bookes and Arte people are good curators.  In fact, speaking of books I’ve read and posted about on this blog, they also had copies of Rejected Princesses.

I also got a box from amazon recently.  I’m not entirely certain when I’ll be rereading the series for those two books, but it’ll happen.  Eventually.  There was a third book on that order (to meet the minimum for free shipping) in a third series, but it hasn’t actually been released yet, so it’ll be some time yet there.  I look forward to seeing amazon’s email about how much the price dropped between when I ordered it and when it’s actually available.


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