Ensemble Book

It was a long and busy weekend.  Sorry, but that’s all the excuse and explanation I’ve got for taking so long to finish Generation Warriors by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon.  It’s not the book, I promise, because this is the climax of the Planet Pirates and if things get a bit muddled and confusing during the climax, they’re still good and exciting!

After dealing with Ireta, the dinosaur planet, all our principal characters from the first two books are on board the Zaid-Dayan, heading towards Federation Central for Tangeli’s trial.  It seems like the troubles with Ireta have uncovered almost enough information to finally end the piracy and our heroes just need a little more.  Remember, this has been going on since before Lunzie woke up from her first coldsleep, and that’s over fifty years previously.

Sassinak, as the ship’s captain, is charged with transporting Tangeli and also Agyar, who is as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as any kid his age.  Lunzie’s task is to go to Diplo and attempt to contact her old friend Zebara.  Ford’s Auntie Q seems a likely source of information as well, and Dupaynil gets his own assignment out of the lot.  They have six months before the Winter Assizes and the trial to figure it all out.  But we all know that in any good story it comes down to the wire in every way.

There’s growth and change and education for all the main characters, as well as danger and downtime.  There’s friends and allies in the unlikeliest of places, and everyone in one general area as the climax begins.

What is interesting is the fact that both The Death of Sleep and Sassinak are focused mostly around a single character, Lunzie and Sassinak respectively.  Generation Warriors gets into not only their heads, but several other characters that we’d previously been exposed to, making it the big ensemble book.  Kind of like how most of the Avengers had standalone movies before the Marvel Cinematic Universe delivered on its teasers in a big way.

The other pop culture reference running through my head as I reflect back on this book is the line “and the world turned upside down” because it most assuredly did.  The FSP will not be the same, and that’s not bad thing.

Now, let’s talk about the Planet Pirates in the sense of books that were published.  As I mentioned before, the point of this trio wasn’t just to flesh out the Dinosaur Planet books, but also for Anne McCaffrey to work with some young and upcoming authors.  Those new authors were Jody Lynn Nye and Elizabeth Moon.  Yes, I know, two authors, three books.  There was a third author lined up, but something went down and they found themselves no longer participating, so Elizabeth Moon stepped up and cowrote Generation Warriors in addition to Sassinak.  Because of this change, that may be why someone misprinted the title page on the first printing, citing Jody Lynn Nye as the coauthor.  I had never realized this typo existed until I saw Nye speak about her experiences as an author.  She explained how libraries catalog books by the title page, not the cover, which meant this book might have been incorrectly listed.  I, of course, have one of those copies, but that’s likely because my dad bought it when it first came out, rather than seeking out an imperfection that, I promise, adds no real value.

I think I should stick to rereads for the time being, and light material, since my first side project has been joined by a second and both can only be done on my desktop computer.  So you can expect that I’ll be reading a bit slowly for the time being.  Rather, my speed isn’t changing, but I won’t be doing as much reading at home as normal.  And there’ll be a little less reading at work this week as I balance my hours so that I can leave early on Friday.  Plus this weekend looks busy too.  The joys of summer!


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