Traditionally Fractured

The next tale in the Five Hundred Kingdoms is that of The Snow Queen.  Except, the lady herself is not what you might think, based on what Hans Christian Andersen wrote.  She is Godmother Aleksia, the Ice Fairy, also known as the Snow Queen and she is, to put it simply, the Godmother of unintended consequences.

Yes, she kidnaps boys, but only those who would otherwise go down an evil path, setting them on the road to redemption.  Their sweethearts then follow, becoming independent women in their own rights in their pursuit of love.  It’s a story that plays out over and over again.

The other half of the tale takes place amongst the Sammi, who are like unto the Laplanders or other tribespeople of northern Scandinavia.  (I am not an expert okay.)  And that’s where the main plot of the story arises as Kaari’s betrothed is revealed to be in great danger.

It seems that there is another Snow Queen around, and that three separate Sammi villages have been frozen to death.  It’s up to our heroes to stop her before she takes any more lives.

The Snow Queen is an interesting book, especially in the context of the series.  We see the traditional tale play out, and then there’s the variant that is the main story.  And yes, it’s still the Five Hundred Kingdoms and there’s romance to be found all around, but that doesn’t detract at all.  Or maybe I’m just a sucker for anything with the Snow Queen, as I’ve said.  It is still my favorite fairy tale.  And this one happens to have a library to rival Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

As I mentioned, I did manage to hit up several bookstores today, so I am definitely eyeing my new acquisitions for the near future.  My arm is leery of the library book for the moment, having toted the new books around for some hours, but I have some time yet before it’s due.  It’s worth noting that most of the books I bought I’ve never read before, so they’re sitting in the Pile.  The two others are An Exchange of Gifts by Anne McCaffrey and Heroes in Hell by Janet Morris and friends.  Believe me, there’ll be a nice long post when I reread the latter, because that series is amazing.  I may have given away the books I’ve already acquired and read to a friend, but only because I know they’ll appreciate having (and rereading) them far more than I ever could.  Also because I know I can borrow them when I decide a reread is in order.

For the time being, I am not yet done with the Five Hundred Kingdoms.  There’s two and a half books left to go before I really consider what to read next.

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