Easy Reading

One Good Knight is the second tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, taking our focus to a small, Grecian-inspired coastal kingdom named Arcadia.  The protagonist this time is Princess Andromeda, daughter of Queen Cassiopeia.  The Princess is a quiet bookworm who is simply not given enough credit for her intelligence.  The first portion of the book, once more, focuses on daily life and Andie’s duties and responsibilities as Princess.  However, things suddenly change one day, turning the Kingdom upside down with fear.  They have a dragon problem.

A Champion has been sent for to fight on Arcadia’s behalf, but so far, there’s no sign of his arrival.  And when a delegation makes it to the Glass Mountain Chapterhouse to speak with Godmother Elena, it’s revealed that there’s far more going on than meets the eye.

It’s an easy read, even with a plot twist or two, and very predictable.  But not in a bad way.  One Good Knight is a great comfort read, the sort of book that you know the moment you see it that it’s going to have a happy ending, and you don’t have to worry about sobbing into your pillow as you try to sleep afterwards.

It’s hard to talk about the actual content of this book because it’s so easy to give away major plot points.  The books are…fluff.  There’s not much to them, but they’re as entertaining to read as it is to watch a favorite romantic comedy or Disney movie.  This series is a great one for something to read while I’m taking a break and fortifying myself for something more intense.  I do still have that library book, and unless if something comes up, it’ll probably be next after the Five Hundred Kingdoms.

Of course, I’m also planning on going to a used bookstore in the near future…so that could have an impact on my reading selection.

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