Ongoing Comics

Yesterday I got a call while at work saying my comics were in.  Last weekend I’d gone to pick up a copy of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #14, only to find there were none in stock.  Still, my favorite shop was happy to order one for me, and with #15 due out this past Wednesday, it worked out well.  So I stopped by to grab them as they’ll only hold ’em for a week and I had a busy weekend ahead.  I also reread #13 just to remind myself where we stood.  And oh my, does issue 14 pick up and deliver and then that cliffhanger!  Ugh, why isn’t it June yet?

I say that because issue 15 is another that takes a step back and reflects through the eyes of a different character, without actually telling us what will happen next.  And it’s rather interesting because, for the first time, we get a look through Zordon’s eyes.  Which is somewhat interesting.  We don’t really learn much about him, but through him we get a look at the past of this alternate world.  It fills in the gaps, but I don’t know that it really introduces anything new that we couldn’t have guessed at.

The Squatt and Baboo comics are…well…I prefer Bulk and Skull.  I guess I relate to a pair of humans more than a pair of monsters?  They’re still amuse, just not as much as Bulk and Skull.

Whoops, I meant to post this earlier since I finished these things on Saturday, but enough of the day was left that I might’ve read something else…

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