Many Comics

Of all the free comic books available yesterday, none peaked my inquisitive nature quite like Descendants.  The art is anime, the title has the distinctive Disney D, and the logo for Tokyopop appears in the corner.  So, something to do with Disney, likely the children of classic characters based on the title, in an anime style, done by a company I had known to be defunct.  Did someone buy and revive Tokyopop?  That has to be something like what happened, because I remember how much of a pain it was to track down the volumes I was missing in Samurai Deeper Kyo after the company went under.

As is normal for manga, it’s going to be a school story.  Our four main characters incude Mal (daughter of Maleficent), Evie (daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White), Jay (son of Jafar), and Carlos (son of Cruella De Vil).  Their parents were captured long ago and sequested on an island where magic doesn’t work and there is no escape, but the four have been offered (threatened with) the chance to attend school off the island.  I’ll imagine that not only do they interact with the children of the “heroes” from the classics, but they have a great deal to learn about themselves and what abilities they may have.

I think I’m going to have to start collecting this series when it comes out next month. Disney always knows how to get my money, and I’m always so happy to fork it over in the end.  However, that’s far from the only comic I read today, having made it through all the rest of the floppies I picked up yesterday.

I Hate Image seems to be mostly an excuse to show a whole bunch of Image’s characters that I do not know or recognize.  Also showcasing a violent psychopathic little princess.  Not a fan.  Not a keeper.

Malika: Warrior Queen looks like a classic story of female empowerment.  Based on the look and feel, I suspect that if it doesn’t take place in Africa, it draws on those legends and cultures.  I have nothing against it, but I’d be more likely to read it if it was a standard book.  I enjoy comics, but it’s much more expensive to collect them than to buy a single mass market paperback.  Even with the prices increasing over the past fifteen years I’ve been paying attention, the most expensive ones are still only $8.99, whereas most of the comics I buy are usually $3.99.  You get a lot more story in a novel than in three issues of a comic.  I’ll probably hang onto this for the moment, if only to remind me that I might be interested in a trade paperback when it’s released.

I had to wait to read All-New Guardians of the Galaxy (plus The Defenders) until after I saw the new movie.  Just in case, you know.  But since the movie was this morning, I read it this afternoon.  It was…more abrasive than the movie.  Which is somewhat impressive.  But I’m not really a fan.  The Defenders was slightly more interesting, but I’m sure I’d’ve gotten more out of it if I’d actually been able to watch all those new Marvel shows on Netflix all the way through.  However, I’ve gotten so bad when it comes to hour-long episodes.  It’s hard to keep my attention that long in a series.  Movies are fine though.  Weird.

Next was Avatarex: Destroyer of Darkness.  Some superpowered being is awakened to save the Earth from…something that hasn’t been specified.  I suspect from the humans upon it.  While I know that the Free Comic Book Day issues are just a sneak preview, not even as long as a standard comic book, I’m not thrilled at where this one cuts off.  Our egotist is told that he has to be humbled, which I assume means “turned into an ordinary human for a time,” but it stops before we find out the method.  As it is, the guy is far too much of an ass for me to want to read more.

After that was Awake which I…am not sure what to think.  We have a planet or two, and space travel, and people with powers who can…talk to the soul of the planet?  Makes me think of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within a little, which I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.  This could be interesting, but because the preview was telling two different parts of the story at once, there wasn’t really enough for me to grab onto.  Not a keeper either.

The last of my floppies is The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck and that was relatively enjoyable, even if the story isn’t done yet.  This one I paid for (a whole dollar, oh no) and it reminds me of the old Duck Tales cartoon.  Scrooge is sleeping and the Beagle Boys have stolen one of Gyro’s inventions which allow them to invade his dreams.  They also have something that will force him to answer questions, such as the combination to his money vault.  It’s up to Donald to save his uncle…his uncle who is continually annoyed that Donald is interrupting his dreams.  It’s pretty silly but still quite entertaining.  Definitely worth keeping, especially given that while it wasn’t free, it has been well worth the cover price.

After all that, I went to reread something.  But not just anything.  A trade paperback of Eternals, written by Neil Gaiman.  I was feeling in need of a refresher based on…some things.  The eternals are a small group of about a hundred individuals in the Marvel universe.  They protect, preserve, and repair the Earth, and that is the whole of their function.  They’re immortal, nigh indestructible, and each has specific abilities.  This particular story relates to the Civil War storyline, as much of the background noise involves the argument of superheroes having to register with the government.

It’s always a nice book to revisit, though I tend to plan it carefully.  I don’t care to bring graphic novels to work because they’re always too short which necessitates bringing multiple volumes in some way.  Manga’s worse though.  I’m not sure what I’ll take tomorrow, but I do kind of want to read my other new books from yesterday.  However, there’s some rereading I’d like to do before one, and the other, well, I’ve just said why I don’t want to bring it to work.  I do have a library book remaining, so that’s a possibility.  Plus the whole of my personal library…


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