I may have watched Youtube videos during dinner last night, but I wasn’t about to do that again this morning over breakfast.  I simply had to find something to read, despite the fact that I didn’t want to commit to choosing my next book or series yet.  Then I remembered that I’d taken advantage of having last Friday off to stop by the comic shop and pick up Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #13.  That, plus the couple issues preceeding it, sounded like a good way to entertain me whilst I ate.  So I reread issues 11 & 12 and went into the new one.

Why is it that, when you have alternate timelines, one of the main characters is always dead?  It seems to always be that way.  I mean, the last alternate timeline I read also involved going almost two hundred years into what would have been the future, so most of the people in previous books were dead anyway.  Which at least makes sense.  Bah, I suppose it doesn’t really matter what the tropes of time travel and alternate timelines are, the authors will do as they please regardless of my opinions.

I had noted that, at the end of the Bulk & Skull comic at the back of issue 12, it said “The End.”  Well, if that was the end of Bulk and Skull’s mini story, would there be another such thing hiding at the back of issue 13?  Indeed, there was.  However the focus has shifted to the other side in the epic battle and the main characters of this mini story are the much abused Baboo and Squatt.  They are Rita’s two most incompetent minions, and as such, perfect for this kind of comic relief.

Unfortunately, that’s all for today, as I spent the rest of my time having a (gasp) social life!

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