Gripping Content

Green Rider is an amazingly enthralling series.  I most definitely could have finished Firebrand in a single day as I did Mirror Sight, but I didn’t want to lose out on sleep two weeknights in a row.  It’s only about thirty pages longer, you see.  But so amazingly engrossing!

The book is, as I mentioned, titled Firebrand, which I understood to mean that King Zachary would be one of the key characters this volume.  Firebrand is, after all, how the Eletians choose to address him.  The firebrand itself is the symbol of Sacoridia as a country, so it makes sense that the word can be a title for the ruler.  So we are told that King Santanara of Eletia addressed King Jonneus Sealender, the first High King of the Sacor Clans.  Kind of makes me wonder the thought process in choosing the firebrand as an emblem.  Then again, it was the thread of Mornhavon the Black which caused the Sacor Clans to unite and choose a king, so I suppose a firebrand is an appropriate symbol of their rebellion against the rule he would force upon them.

Karigan, on the other hand, is still recovering from the injuries her heart and soul suffered in Mirror Sight.  Her old problems with Zachary haven’t gone away, but things with the Black Shields have progressed.  And then there’s Queen Estora, making some interesting changes hand-in-hand with Laren Mapstone.

I would say that Firebrand sees Karigan settling in with the changes she’s experienced, learning what she can do and how to control what abilities she possesses.  The plot itself drives her to accept who and what she is, and become a stronger person for it.  Oh sure, the series continues on around this central story and there is development and change.  New characters being introduced, old ones returning, people falling in love…and that’s on the “people” side of things.  We also learn more about Eletians as a species and the world as a whole.  Fascinating stuff, really.

I suspect the next book will have a focus on the ancient allies uniting and coming together as they haven’t truly yet.  Oh sure, the Eletians keep popping up now and again (and buying out a particular chocolatier in Sacor City when they do), but it’s clear that they are not fully trusted, especially because they keep many secrets.  The Eletians know much more about Sacoridia than Sacoridians know of Eletia, a point that is raised several times throughout this book.  Karigan may have a better understanding of them than most, but that doesn’t mean she knows very much at all.

There’s not much more I really want to say without getting into spoiler territory.  I think Firebrand is a compelling addition to Kristen Britain’s series.  It’s one that sucks me in and excites me to keep reading, so that I barely notice the time passing.  Really, the vast majority of the series is like this for me, so you can tell it’s good.  In fact, it’s interesting that I do get so sucked into these books and yet I don’t reread them very often, mostly when a new book comes out.  Maybe it’s just because some of the hardcovers are very large.  Point of fact, a coworker teased me yesterday about doing “a little light reading.”  This isn’t exactly new news, but hardcovers do make it more obvious than paperbacks.

I honestly have no idea what I’m reading next.  I don’t even know if I’ll be picking out a book tonight as I really need to get some things done around the house.  It’ll just be a surprise when I do get around to it!


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