Dreaming of Home

I am not entirely certain what I just read.  Don’t get me wrong, this was memorable and detailed and interesting, but it also had some crazy concepts nigh on the edge of what my poor little brain can conceive.  This was Dream Dancer by Janet Morris.

Since Janet Morris created the Heroes in Hell books, I had made a mental note of the name.  And, when going through my dad’s rather impressive library of sci-fi/fantasy I found several books bearing her name, I figured I might as well add them to the pile I meant to abscond with.  After all, any books I disliked later could always be sold, donated, or just given away.  By building off an author whose work I enjoyed, I knew there was a good chance I’d like more of her work.

I most definitely do like more of her work.

It’s hard, to really talk about this book though.  Dream Dancer is science fiction, set in the far future when much of humanity lives in space stations above planets.  However, there’s still people down on Earth, living positively medieval lives.  There was something about Earthers having less desirable genes as compared to the spacers, but that is one of the many details I cannot pick out by memory.

This is book one in the Kerrion Empire, and the Kerrions are merchant space-kings.  Oh sure, the system parades itself as a democracy and does a good job of it, but there is no doubt that the power remains completely in Kerrion hands, or whomever the local merchant space-kings are.  I do like the citizenship system though.  All citizens must vote on all issues.  In order to vote, they must pass a quiz that proves they know enough about the issue in order to vote on it.  If they fail, they lose their citizenship, or a portion of it, or something.  Which somehow combines with this massive lower class that is no longer literate.  Needless to say, I found it an interesting idea and somewhat relevant today.

I probably would’ve finished Dream Dancer sooner, save for the fact that I am still working on move-related things.  By this point it’s down to hanging pictures and resolving to buy lamps, as I seem to need more of them.  I did finally unpack my breakables – all of them! – and set them up on shelves with and without books.  I am kind of excited about all of this stuff, as you can tell, to the extent that I’ve spent a significantly smaller amount of time reading than normal.

Well, onto book two!


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