Rarer Posts for a Bit

Are you disappointed in me?  I’m reading that anthology I had toyed with a couple posts back, but I’m not even halfway through yet.  I did read part of a book today: Lou Manfredini’s House Smarts.  My mom bought it for me thinking it would be useful.  After all, I just bought a place.

As you might suppose, that means I’m probably going to be finishing books at a slower rate than usual since I’m trying to pack up and move all the things; most especially the books.  I have a lot of plans and ideas though, so we’ll see what happens.  There may even be photos of the library at some point.  (There’s two bedrooms.  One is a library now.  Even if there’s no books in it yet.)

So here’s my post warning you about it.  As for House Smarts, it seems like it could be useful, but so far I see a lot of common sense.  Of course, this isn’t something I’m reading straight through, but rather something I’ll skip to whatever section seems relevant.  It’s a condo, so I don’t care about the roofs and foundations – that’s the association’s job.

Anyway, I’ll be back when I finish something.  Promise.

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