A Small Break

I’m not a huge fan of encountering the same themes repeatedly all at once.  It can be wearing, especially with the wrong concepts.  The Shape-Shifter Chronicles involve a shadowy, immortal organization controlling the world from the shadows.  Coincidentally, so does the new Cyborg 009 series on Netflix.  Now, I’m a sucker for Cyborg 009, so as soon as Netflix emailed me to tell me it existed, it was added to my queue, and I’ve been watching an episode here and there.  But it’s not super relaxing or a change of pace when I’m reading something fairly similar.

So I opted to go a different route this morning, and catch up on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #11-12.  Today I didn’t feel like rereading anything older, since last issue was a look back at Billy and his growth as a character and the issue before that was the cliffhanger.  Which I felt I remembered well enough.

Anyway, at the very least, the strange alternate world in which Tommy and Billy find themselves is not being controlled from the shadows.  In fact, the evil is pretty damned obvious and right in front of their faces.  So, there’s that going for it.  We also have the appearance of Saba, the white ranger’s talking sword.  I don’t remember Saba’s voice particularly well offhand, but I suspect it might’ve gotten annoying.  I also don’t remember Saba’s origin on the TV show.  Did the white ranger always have the sword or was it a quest item?  I don’t suppose it really matters now, otherwise I’d actually google it.

Anyway, you have your typical “dark version of the world we know and love in which our heroes find themselves pursued by the authority and landing in the lap of the rebellion.”  I am interested to see where it goes from here because, although this has been done before, the series has been enjoyable thus far and I don’t see why that quality would deteriorate.

Then there’s the little Bulk & Skull comics that have been at the end of every issue to date.  They’re cute, drawn in a more cartoony style, and show…Bulk & Skull being Bulk & Skull.  A nice bit of levity.  However, at the end of issue 12, there’s an actual “The End” for this short.  It makes me wonder if they’ll find a new bit to put in there next issue, or if they’ll simply use those extra pages for more story, for bonuses, or for ads.  (I sincerely hope it’s not ads.  That would be disappointing.)  It was a cute story overall, and Bulk & Skull even get what they want out of it…somehow.

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