Catching Up

Yesterday, having taken a half day at work in order to be ready for this weekend’s convention, I opted to stop at the comic book shop on my way home.  It’d been some time since I was last there, and I knew there’d be at least two or three issues for me to pick up.  In fact, I found four.  Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers 11-12 and Pink 5-6.  I haven’t read the MMPR ones yet, but I figured why not finish up the Pink miniseries whiel I have a chance?  There’s not much I want from the con for a few hours yet, so I can take the time now, as my body wouldn’t let me sleep any longer.  (I went to bed around 1am, that’s fairly early for a con.  I left before midnight.)

So today I reread Pink 3 and finished off the miniseries.  It was…fine.  Everything was wrapping up in issue 5, which seemed good until I remembered that it was a six issue miniseries.  So of course we had to work in not only Kim and her retired power rangers, but also the current team, off fighting Rita and Zedd.  That part felt a bit forced and unnecessary, but I can’t say that they didn’t do some build up to it.  It simply seemed like it had less to do with the story.

Admittedly, the heart of the story, beyond people in bright spandex fighting monsters, is about Kim’s acceptance of her place in the world as a former power ranger.  She can’t just go on with her life pretending it never happened, but she is retired from active service.  She needs to come to terms with both parts of her life.

On an unrelated note, Kim totally reminds me of Kim Possible on the cover of issue six and I cannot unsee it.  It’s probably the lighting making her hair reddish combined with the black jacket, but still, it’s there?  Not that this is a bad thing, Kim Possible was a great action show with a female protagonist and I remember it fondly.  If I saw DVDs for sale I’d be tempted to buy them.  If the price was good.


I know there’s a Justice League/Power Rangers series out soon, if not already.  I glanced around the shop yesterday for it, but didn’t notice it.  Probably for the best.  It’s cheaper to collect these things in trade anyway.  I did see the first two issues of the new Green Lantern / Star Trek crossover, but since I have the first of those in trade, I will be patient and wait so that the whole series can be shelved together.

I make no promises on how often the posts will be this weekend.  I am currently working on a book – an anthology as that meshes better with cons in general – but I can’t even promise I’ll finish it Sunday when the con is over.  So, we’ll see.  Maybe Sunday I’ll read up to current on MMPR.

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