Get Some Sleep

First things first, staying up ’til 10pm just to finish a book (one that was admittedly very close to the end and not especially long in the first place) after going to bed around 3am and getting less than six hours of sleep for the past two nights is one of the least wise things I’ve done in quite a while.  But…there were board games and card games and dice games.  Which I love and I don’t get to play games with more than one other person very often, so nyah.

Anyway, I finished Children of the Blood, book two of the Sundered by Michelle Sagara West.  A lot of things have changed between books one and two, mostly due to time and forward motion.  Still, the centerpoint of this series is, as it has always been, and it is still strong.

What can I say?  I don’t want to spoil things for those of who you haven’t yet had a chance to discover this quartet.

I suppose that one of the underlying themes is that of our nature.  What defines us, and how do we hold true to that definition?  How does that definition change based on our choices and the lives we lead?  We are not required to remain the people we were born, but perhaps if we don’t push ourselves we can never become who we were born to be.

Looking at the book through this lens, I’d say Children of the Blood is mostly about Stefanos.  We’re learning about his choices, his decisions, his motives.  In this respect, Into the Dark Lands is Erin’s book.  Yes, it seems that book two should be about Darin, but there’s two more books after this and he will continue to get development.  As Stefanos was introduced and established in the first book, so was Darin here.

I apologize for the short and disjointed post.  The next should be a bit better, as I will be less sleep-deprived and distracted.


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