United We Stand

Collision is book four of the Secret World Chronicle and, as expected, we can see the conflict continuing to ramp up as the characters have their biggest battle yet with the Thulians.  And I do mean “big.”  The next one will probably have to involve an entire country or something, to top this.  Which means it probably will.  Whenver it comes out.

On the other hand, some of our ongoing stories have reached satisfying plateaus while new ones have been introduced.  I think my personal climax in this book would be John and Sera in the big fight.  I think it’s a great payoff for what we’ve seen of them, and while I’m sure they’ll continue to be important, I’m also fairly certain other relationships will be taking center stage in the future.  Vickie’s still a mess, and Ramona and her beau have been separate for most of the series thus far.  Not to mention the extra eyes…

There are so many new characters introduced leading up to, throughout, and after the big battle.  A large number of them are now dead of course, but some may or may not return.  Only time can tell in that respect.

I’m just happy that the ivory tower assholes have finally gotten a real wakeup call, so that the planet can do what it always does in alien invasion books: unite.  It makes sense; as a species humans are incredibly binary, and that’s the lens through which we tend to see the world.  But we also allow ourselves to get caught up in petty bickering.  Only when we redefine “us” as all of humanity and “them” as the alien menace (in the case of books like this) can we truly succeed.

Don’t get me wrong, the next book is not going to be all love and bunnies on humanity’s side.  There’s still the private military corporations out to make a quick buck, there’s still all the world’s governments who don’t always get along, and there’s still our inclination to point fingers and declare scapegoats, regardless of whether or not they actually deserve the blame.  It won’t be a seamless integration, which the Thulians should take advantage of if they have any strategic sense.

It seems to me that some of the Thulians are individually brilliant and can be our heroes’ worst nightmares.  But the overall command structure, I would guess, likes to keep innovation in the top ranks.  Maybe I’m reading too much into that, but who knows.  It’s clear that the invasion and subsequent attacks were well-planned, but whoever did the planning understimated how resilient and intelligent their enemies would be, which is why the series is awaiting a fifth book instead of ending in the first.  The Thulians aren’t perfect, but they seem to have more resources and room for error than our heroes.

One of these days I’ll find out what happens next.  In the meantime, I’ll have to consider what to read or reread next.  The Pile’s grown a bit now that amazon’s finally delivered my outstanding order, but some things will have to wait until I have a free weekend or some such, given how many manga volumes I may choose to reread before getting to the new one.  Add to that the fact that my next couple of weekends are fully booked, and it seems that one might not get touched this month.  Still, I’m not certain what I want to read tomorrow.  You may have noticed that I will generally stick to fantasy or sci-fi for a bit, then switch to the opposite after a while.  Considering that Secret World has both magic and technology, this one’s a bit more difficult.

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