Books and Marks

The one thing I truly dislike about the Obsidian Trilogy is the books’ bad habit of repeating the climactic scene from the previous installment in the first chapter.  Not a simple summary, but the actual scene in its entirety.  I do understand that not everyone else rereads the preceding volumes before proceeding to the newest, but what about those people who pick up the trilogy as a set years later and read it straight through?  It just seems like a waste of space, filler that is most definitely not necessary – these books are not short.

Something I appreciate, however, is that the climax of To Light a Candle is not a battle.  We’re in the middle of a war for the fate of the world, and the climax isn’t a battle.  Sure, there’s conflict, and Light versus Dark, but it’s not the Mines of Moria or the Battle of Hogwarts.  Or even the climax of the third book, but you do have to expect a big battle in a series like this.  I would classify the climax of The Outstretched Shadow to be a battle, though on a much more personal scale than what we’ll see in When Darkness Falls.

Our main character in this book is still Kellen, but to him we now add Cilarnen Volpiril, who was one of Kellen’s classmates back in Armethalieh.  In many ways, Cilarnen was everything Kellen wasn’t, so for him to also end up in Elven lands is rather surprising for all involved.  He serves to represent all that is good in the Golden City, opposing the counterpoint characters who give us glimpses into the villains’ plans.

The stage is being set, with our protagonists being granted the information they need to stop the Enemy once and for all.  Of course, nothing’s that simple and that’s why book three is just as long as the first two, but all our major players have had an appearance by now.

As you may have noticed, it’s hard for me to talk about multiple books in a series because I run out of things to say that I haven’t already touched upon.  And since I love these ones, I don’t have a lot to criticize or complain about either.  I am trying to keep from spoiling as many books as I can in the hopes that those of you who are intrigued enough to pick them up can enjoy them the way I did the first time I read them.  However, that doesn’t leave me a lot to talk about sometimes.

There is a sequel trilogy to the Obsidian Trilogy, called the Enduring Flame Trilogy.  I don’t care for it as much, though it’s still good and well-written.  I haven’t yet decided if I’ll read everything set in this world or not this time around.  I am reminded that my Pile keeps growing, having received my new book of the month book yesterday.  It even came with a bonus book to add to my stack.  It’s nice that the BotM people throw something else in with every book, though some of the inclusions just make me wonder.  I mean, after book mints?  A ribbon stamped with the BotM logo?  Those are…kind of silly and useless.

On another book front, one of my author friends is now working with Snowy Wings Publishing, and they’re doing a “bookstagram” challenge.  I’m participating on Facebook for my own personal amusement.  (Yes, I should probably do so here, but I want to keep my posts devoted to books that I’ve completed.  Makes it easier for me to see how many I’ve read.)  Each day of the month of January, there’s a question to answer, something to discuss, or a picture to post.  Two days ago they wanted to see a picture of my bookmark collection.  Let me tell you, that is no small demand.  I had fifty bookmarks in the photo, not including those that are currently found in books, ribbons attached to books, and my book covers that I use to protect my paperbacks.


Some of these bookmarks are very old.  You may not be able to read it, but the leftmost tricolor ribbon says “Kindergarten” on it.  I believe the Pooh Bear, Little Critter, and ballerina bookmarks may be even older.  Some of my bookmarks are missing – the laminated Harry Potter one was from a set of four.  One for sure is in my copy of the Valdemar Companion, but I don’t know for certain where the others went.

The green leather bookmark on the far left was a gift from my sister, bought in Italy and stamped with my initials.  It’s currently in my next read, When Darkness Falls.  I also often use the plastic (and waterproof!) tongue bookmark below it.  My roommate made me the “fuck off, i’m reading” one a couple years ago, and it’s right below my favorite ever freebie bookmark from Myopic.  Command + S is the keyboard shortcut for save, and the backside is Command + W (close window).  I also tend to use the pokeballs bookmark now and then since it’s still new and I spent money for it – the first time I’d done so in a couple years.

You can see that I do not believe in using receipts, or newspaper clippings, or used Ventra cards as bookmarks.  What a waste that is, considering the collection I’ve amassed over the years!

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