Not Disappointing!

You may recall that the last time I actually got something from my Book of the Month subscription it was…painful.  But, I was given a six month subscription and it keeps rolling over until I’ve gotten six books from it, so I do take a peek every month.  This month something caught my eye and I wrestled with the website until it would function properly and accept it as my selection.  That was The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon.

This book takes place over the course of a single day (save for the epilogue) and it is a romance.  I don’t really read romances.  Oh sure, there’s often a romantic element in the books I do read and you’ll notice that I refer to the obvious love interest and the like.  But I like more from my books than just romance.

You could say that this was a change of pace, and that’s true.  It speaks to current issues, it speaks to current trends, it speaks to real people dealing with both.  We get to see inside the heads of both Natasha and Daniel, our main characters, but we also get glimpses into the pasts, futures, and motivations of our peripheral figures.  The book is about how random and unknowable life is, and yet you can’t help but feel that much of it is predestined.  Poetry versus science; it’s an ongoing theme.

The Sun is Also a Star goes by quickly, an easy and simple read.  It’s all to the good – not much to get in the way of the reader’s experience of the simple immediacy of the story.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is able to understand teenagers today, and even to some who don’t.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get my mom to read it.


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