Strong Women

Cast in Flight is the long-awaited Aerian book of the series.  I mentioned that we were seeing this built up in the previous books as Sergeant Moran dar Carafel became an increasingly important character.  She’s always been around, as the Hawk in charge of the infirmary, but we weren’t able to understand how important she was and could become until now.

At this point the only species we haven’t had a deep focus on are the Norannir and the Dragons.  We have gotten bits of Dragon lore and information bit by bit as the series goes on, so it’s not a noticeable issue.  There’s been some information on the Norannir, but nothing as immersive as we’ve seen for the Leontines and Barrani in particular.  I guess, from that perspective, we haven’t had a human-focused book either.  Given that we, like Kaylin, are human, I suspect it won’t be necessary.

It is interesting to note how many powerful woman Kaylin has surrounded herself with.  She is a favored courtier of the Barrani Consort, who is essentially the mother of the race.  She is a friend and roommate of the Dragon Bellusdeo who will almost certainly end up being the mother of a new generation of her race.  She is a friend and coworker of Moran dar Carafel who is also of great import to her race, though not in the maternal sense.  She is a friend of Ybelline Rabon’Alani, the Castelord of the Tha’alani.  And no one in their right mind would forget Teela, the Barrani corporal who fits the role of wise older sister.

Also there is a dinner in this book which is simply amazing and I couldn’t put it down until that scene was over last night.  I stayed up a bit later than I had originally intended, but how could I stop in the middle?  Two characters choked, but neither was Kaylin!

Needless to say, however much I may dislike Cast in Honor, it was well worth getting through that book in order to get to this one.  I have a feeling that there may come a point in the future where I choose to skip over that particular entry; and to be honest, there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of holdover this time.  Sure, the story continues, but it’s not like when Kaylin became a Lord of the Barrani Court.  Kaylin still has obligations as a Lord and they come up every so often.  There wasn’t a whole lot of fallout about Gilbert.

I still find that name amusing.

I expect to be abusing my tablet keyboard in the next several days while I’m on vacation.  Given that a long drive is involved, I hope to make some progress on the Pile – a number of books have made it into my bags.  I don’t honestly know how much time I’ll have to read once I arrive, but we shall see.  I find it extremely unlikely that I’ll finish all the books I’ve packed, but when I reflected on the last time I took a trip like this, I think I got through at least six books.

None of this trip’s books are by Frank Herbert, but the most prolific author in this specific group is also dead.  Not that this has anything to do with anything other than me rambling and further delaying bedtime.  Since I do need my sleep rather badly, I’ll wrap this up and get a move on.


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