Planning Ahead

I mentioned that time-travel can be rather confusing.  Though I find trying to understand dealing with different planes of reality even moreso.  Time-travel may be less confusing simply because it comes up far more often.  But, what’s worse than either of them?

Both together.  No lie, that’s one of the major plot points of Cast in Honor.  I don’t consider it to be a spoiler, or that much of one, but it is one of the reasons why this is probably my least favorite entry in the Elantra series.  There are some interesting concepts and new characters, as well as further development (as expected) on existing characters and concepts.  I really like Gilbert.  Especially because of the name.  I find it highly amusing.

I do enjoy the fact that there is clear setup in this book for an Aerian book to follow it.  They are the last of the races in Elantra to be explored, probably because this is the race that Kaylin admires most.  The girl loves to fly and has been known to cajole every  Aerian in the Hawks to take her flying every since she arrived at the Halls of Law in “Cast in Moonlight.”

I’m still trying to figure out what books I’m going to take on my trip.  I’ve been toying with the notion of making this a Michelle Sagara West month in its entirety.  On the other hand, I have a significant number of books in my Pile here.  Eighteen, actually.  As a reminder, the Pile only contains books I’ve never read before.  I did get six new books last night, as my family chose to celebrate Hannukah before going on vacation, but three of them were from the Secret World Chronicles, a series coauthored by Mercedes Lackey and several other roleplayers that I originally checked out from the library.  So those went straight on a shelf.  Unfortunately, I’m running out of space again, so they’re sitting in front of Tanya Huff books.  Slight problem, given that books are the thing I get obsessive about.

I keep thinking about getting another IKEA bookshelf, but I’m not sure that I should given that I do plan on moving eventually.  There’s a large pile of books in my parents’ basement that are also mine – selected from the kids’ books and my dad’s books – that I simply don’t have space for right now.  Of course, if I get a bookshelf (or two) that can hold those, I’ll then have to move them twice in the future instead of once.  Books are heavy, and to be honest, a lot of those books would technically be in the Pile.  Kind of like the Andre Norton books I have (also stolen from my dad).  I do intend to read them at some point.  No clue when.

In the meantime, I’ve started Cast in Flight and am having a great deal of fun as we dive into Aerians.


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