Terrible Creatures

Teenagers are terrible creatures.  Seriously, that is what I always take away from Jinx High, given that ending.  The entirety of the story revolves around highschool love triangles and drama.  Not that there aren’t higher stakes and other things going on – this is a Diana Tregarde book after all and her college friends are the parents of one of our main characters.

Of the three novels, Jinx High is the one that took me the longest to find.  I was in highschool myself at the time, and I had already found Children of the Night and Burning Water.  I learned that there was a third, and I was determined to find a copy without resorting to amazon.  Considering that this was about ten years before the set was republished, and I didn’t drive yet, it wasn’t easy.  I even asked my great-aunt to keep an eye out for me.  I don’t actually remember where it turned up in the end, but I did finally get my hands on a copy.

Frankly, it’s not my favorite in the series.  There’s nothing really wrong with it aside from obnoxious teenagers and a distinct lack of illusions about their behavior.  It’s just not nearly as interesting to me as the other two.  Bitchy sorcerers just don’t quite stand up to vampires or gods in my head.

For those who have read certain other of Lackey’s books, there is a cameo in Jinx High, though of course this is set before his other stories start.  In fact, he remembers one scene in particular from Jinx High in one of his other stories.  It tempts me to read those books next.

But now is not the time.  You may recall that At the Sign of Triumph was not the only preorder in that box.  So I have a bit more rereading to do in preparation for that new novel.  This series is actually longer than Safehold, but a much easier read overall.


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