The Slog

Did I mention that book eight is a slog?  Hell’s Foundations Quiver is one of the books where Weber makes it perfectly clear that we’re dealing with an entire planet’s worth of things.  And by “clear” I mean “I am having a difficult time keeping track of who is who and where they are.”  I’m usually quite good at remember all of these things, especially when it’s all fresh in my mind.  But this book is just laughing at me.  It’s saying “you think you don’t need the cast of characters?  HAH!  I will prove to you that you do, like all other meatbags!”

For the record, the cast of characters is now over eighty pages long.  We’re operating on two continents and all the major islands (or in the bays associated with coastal regions).  Not to mention that our heroes have suffered some major defeats and setbacks in this volume, which is disheartening to read and adds to the slog.  Of course heroes can’t always have things their way, but it’s kind of a one-two punch here.

At least the ending may make up for that.  This, as with Like a Mighty Army is another cliffhanger.  But this particular cliffhanger is one that fans may have been hoping for since Off Armageddon Reef.  That’s right, the first book.  And actually off the actual Reef too, as it were.

I have been fighting my way through this book for four days now and yet, despite the slog, I really want to start the new book just so I can see how that scene continues.  Good job David Weber.  Of course, I also have the near-decade of investment in this series and these characters going for me.  But I will have you know that I gave up watching Kubo and the Two Strings tonight just to finish this book!  I was very tempted to put off finishing Hell’s Foundations Quiver until tomorrow or Sunday, but the thought of having to return to the slog was simply too much.

Besides, it’s not like I won’t have time to watch Kubo this weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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