Wanting the Next Volume Already

It’s interesting to see how The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme introduce the elements of magic I’ve previously seen in the Symphony of Ages.  Things are much more casual here, and the magic itself isn’t the be-all end-all.  Sure, Ven’s job is to go around recording true stories of magic and whatnot, but we’re not talking about these things in terms of “a map to the vibrations of the world.”  There are some mentions of things on that level, especially related to Sharra’s Deck, but they aren’t part of the primary story in the book.  Not even the entire bit with the dragon.

Did I mention?  Today’s book is The Dragon’s Lair.  So one would hope that there would be a dragon within these pages.  And that wish is granted.  Of course, like with this entire series, nothing is ever what it seems.  In many ways, each book is a mystery that the reader can solve if they take note of the clues dropped along the way.  Or they can simply allow the adventure to unfold before them.  As I’ve said, there are some clues that I pick up on fairly easily, but for the rest, I’m not trying to analyze the book to death.  I don’t find it fun to pick something apart entirely.  Sure I’ll mention it if something is so obvious that it ruins my enjoyment of the novel, but I’d much rather if the big twist is a total surprise and I’m so caught up in the story that I never see it coming.

Now that I’ve read the first three books, I really want to continue on with The Tree of Water.  Unfortunately, that’s the only volume not yet available in paperback, which is pretty annoying when you consider that the hardcover edition was released two years ago.  I tried searching for a paperback release date, but had no luck.  Meaning I’ll either have to be patient, which I was when waiting for The Assassin King, or I’ll have to give up and buy the hardcover.  Interestingly enough, the endnote about the archaelogical dig which has found the Lost Journals does seem to imply that there may be more than the one additional book in the series.  I’ll be interested to see if that bears fruit – but I won’t check to see, instead waiting until I finally get my hands on The Tree of Water.  Unfortunately, none of my local libraries have copies.  Such a shame.

Anyway, I stopped at the comic book shop again yesterday for more Power Rangers.  Following my pattern last time, I decided to read Pink first.  However, remembering my decision from last time, I opted to only read issues #2-#4, having had enough of the first volume.

Things keep getting interesting, though as I observed before, I think the even-numbered issues are better than the odds.  Though there’s something in here that should give many old fans a thrill, especially those who keep arguing for equality between the sexes.  Of course, things can’t be too easy, otherwise this miniseries would wrap up in five issues, instead of the six that we’re promised.  So I suppose next time we’ll see how they’re going to prolong things just a little more.

Then, of course, I read Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #5-8.  As much as I love seeing stories I already know from new perspectives, I love new material with old characters even more.  It’s worth noting that some ideas that we see in Pink also show up in MMPR as well.  Plus the ongoing misadventures of Bulk and Skull.

One of the great values MMPR has always taught us is the value of teamwork, and how it’s the rangers putting their heads together that most often solves the problem.  The comic is proudly carrying on that tradition, and I’m excited to see where it leads to next.


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