Unsurprisingly Good

When I saw there was a new novel of the SERRAted Edge, I of course made a note to read it.  And I picked it up at the library this weekend.  Now, I know this is Lackey with yet another new coauthor Cody Martin, but after the 90stastic books that Mark Shepherd wrote on his own (ElvendudeSpiritride, and Lazerwarz – and let me tell you I have things to say next time I read those), I was certain that Silence would be a good read.  To the point where I have avoided reading any kind of information about this book.  The inside cover, the synopsis, anything.  I wanted to see how much I could pick up on my own.

It’s easy enough to identify elves, if you’re familiar with the tropes and the previous books in the series.  And you can guess at elvensteeds too, and which characters are Seleighe and which are Unseleighe.  I felt almost like I was playing bingo with the book, but I was having a ton of fun doing so.  Is it sad that I can still tell you off the top of my head that SERRA stands for South-Eastern Road Racing Association, or something very similar?  It’s a private racing club that the elves made.  Because elves like racecars and motorcycles in Lackey’s books.  Because why not?

The main character remarks at one point that she feels like she’s in a Stephen King novel, having moved to a small town in Maine where things are just wrong (thank you Unseleighe elves).  I also appreciated all the background geekery as someone who knows what BESM and Shadowrun are.  It’s also nice to read a SERRAted Edge book that is not 90stastic, but also not heavy on abused and homeless children PSAs.  Of all Lackey’s “Elves on the Road” books, this reminded me more of the old Eric Banyon volumes, like Knight of Ghosts and Shadows and Summoned to Tourney than the original SERRAted Edge books.

This was an enjoyable read.  It’s nice to have my hands on a new book that I didn’t need to check or verify before reading, and that I didn’t have to read up to.  It really is rare that I can pick up a book I know nothing about and be guaranteed to have a good read out of it.  For this, I am most grateful to Mercedes Lackey.

Of course, now I am tempted to go back and read some of the others set in this world…but pretty much all of Lackey’s urban fantasy shares this world…which gives me so very many choices.

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