Waxy Buildup of Evil

…is probably the best phrase in the entirety of Smoke and Shadows.  Not going to lie, I think that this is probably my favorite book set in this world.  It’s got so many great lines, all the secrets coming out, and it’s creepy enough that I usually have a few anxious moments going to bed after I finish rereading it.

Yes, this is the second book Tanya Huff wrote focused on Tony Foster.  Hence I usually refer to these books as Smoke while the Vicki Nelson books are Blood.  At some point I’ll reread those six, but that’s not tonight.  Or even next.  Since the Blood books happen before the Smoke books, I don’t usually care to reverse the order, even if I choose to skip ahead to Tony’s books.  I can be weird like that.

Anyway, last post I didn’t have a lot of good quotes from the book, which is disappointing for books that I remember as having great lines.  So this time I’ve made more notes.  Also because I like sharing them with friends, especially the ones that are almost as funny out of context as they are in.  Some text is omitted on a few of these.

“I know what to do when older girls stare at me like that, but she’s eleven!”

“Peter knows my snicker?”

“He’s the inconsequential character who dies in the first act so we all know the situation is serious.”

“You worked in tuxedos?”
“Only if we got a formal complaint.”

“‘My dad fires dead people all the time!’
News to Tony but, given CB, not completely unbelievable.”

“We watch Law and Order you know.”
“How can you avoid it?”

“You speak to the dead.”
“Yeah, but I don’t suck blood.”
“I have only your word for that.”

“Yeah, well, his Beckhams are a little bent, let me tell you.”

“Is this a real stick or a metaphorical stick?”

“He’d never imagined dismemberment in waltz time before.”

“‘She once rode a polar bear at the zoo.’
No one in the room assumed it was a scheduled ride.”

“It’s an arm.  I don’t think it’s that smart.”
“It’s an arm.  We shouldn’t even be having this conversation.”

“Forty-year-old straight women were into the damnedest things.”

“You’re one to talk; you’re a thing in a basement!”

“Waxy buildup of evil.”

“Damn.  That just might work.”
“Don’t tell the writers.”

“You die and I spend eternity as part of a three for one that even our writers would consider over the top.”

“You never said anything about perversions.”
“I didn’t want to get your hopes up.”

I hope that these quotes from various points throughout the book show some of why I love Tanya Huff about as much as I love Mercedes Lackey.  Not only do I find her writing style meshes quite well with how I read, I just love her phrasing.  These are only a few quotes, as I mentioned, and I’ve omitted some text not only because it would clutter them up but also because it contains spoilers.  Suffice to say, I’m always happy to reread Smoke and Shadows and see no problem in staying up late just to devour it in a single sitting.

I honestly didn’t expect to finish the book tonight, especially given that I was ready to sleep a couple hours ago.  Hence two posts today.  But I did finish it, and I expect to be done with Smoke and Ashes while the sun’s still up tomorrow.  That’s the nice thing about lighter books – they go much more quickly than the heavier stuff.  Both are good though.  Just in different ways.


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