Short Stories and Comic Books

When I’m eagerly awaiting a package with a new book, it means I need to pick something shorter – but not too short! – so that I can be ready to start the shiny new book as soon as I get home.  Well, I got close, but it did take slightly longer than I’d hoped, even though today’s book is from 1979.

This is the anthology Amazons! edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and so you can guess that every story within involves female warriors.  It’s an anthology, it’s from the 70s, it’s DAW, and it’s got C.J. Cherryh, Andre Norton, and Tanith Lee inside that I recognized.  Seemed like a good enough reason to pick it up.

I’d read the Norton story, “Falcon Blood”, before in Tales From High Hallack: Volume 1.  I think I’d also read “The Dreamstone” by C.J. Cherryh before, though I don’t think I own an additional copy.  All of the other stories were new to me, as well as most of the authors.  And I simply had to look up Janrae Frank in the hopes that she had expanded on the world and characters seen in “Wolves of Nakesht”.  Luckily for me, she finally did back in 2004.  It looks like the editor encouraged her to do so and coauthored the book.

Overall, not every story in this book was strong, but it did end on a high note with Elizabeth A. Lynn’s The Woman Who Loved The Moon, which is also where the cover illustration comes from.  An interesting choice, but it does leave a reader closing the book and saying “hey, it’s Kai Talvela!” as they see the some-kind-of-Asian features and the red plume of her helm.  I’ll keep this book, but I might be tempted to skip over some of the stories on future readings.

As previously mentioned, my amazon package with The Spectrum War finally arrived today.  So I had to devour the Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover, obviously!

If the first issue alone was gripping enough to get me to order the trade, you can imagine how much more I enjoyed the entire miniseries.  The story was logical enough, and the characterization was spot on, especially for the crew of the Enterprise.  There were some one-off characters that were, well, there to take up space, and the villain didn’t get a lot of screentime.  Essentially, a reader is expected to have some previous knowledge of both series – the rebooted Star Trek and an understanding of Green Lantern (NOT the movie adaptation).

Needless to say, I loved it and this book is going to get read, reread, and abused with love.

Okay so.  This is post Blackest Night, but you could be forgiven for not noticing what with Nekron being the villain.  Again.  And I’ll buy that he’s not stupid and after being defeated last time, he took out the Light’s hope and then just flooded the Lanterns with his untold legions of dead bodies.  Which is why Ganthet took the rings and executed Last Light, a just in case scenario of transporting the surviving Lanterns to another universe – that of Star Trek!

And what follows is just…wonderful.  Some of the crew become Lanterns once Scotty wakes up Ganthet’s rings, and I love that their Starfleet insignia are incorporated into their changed uniforms.  Please note “changed” and not “new”, because all the new bearers’ clothes remain true to what they were wearing before, and have simply had some color and design changes to accomodate their new status.

Then Nekron brings back Vulcan.  A dead planet.  Have to wonder how insane that could’ve been if this wasn’t a miniseries that had to shortcut the final battle.  After all, the story begins on dead!Mogo, the only Green Lantern to also be a planet.

Let’s just conclude with the fact that my inner fangirl is squeeing so loudly that the windows should be breaking.  This was a great read and while I doubt they’ll ever revisit this modified universe, it was fun to see it shown.


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