Back to an Old Standby

Well, after the emotional turmoil of completing the Symphony of Ages I wanted something less intense and more familiar. Also some sci-fi to balance that epic fantasy. Which brings me to a classic author of the seventies and eighties, though she continued writing up through her death. It is the one and only Anne McCaffrey, creator of the Dragonriders of Pern, among many other series, novels, and stories.

Today’s book was Crystal Singer, first in a set of three and set in McCaffrey’s widespread Federated Sentient Planets (FSP) universe. (Pern is technically a part of this too.) I say that it is a set and not a trilogy because these books may follow the adventures of a particular character, but they don’t have the feel of a planned trilogy. So while Crystal Line is a clear conclusion to Killashandra’s story, I don’t get the sense that McCaffrey always intended there to be three books specifically.

Being from the early eighties, these books are roughly three hundred pages apiece, so it’s unsurprising that I’ve already finished the first.  If they were ten years older, the average would drop 100 pages. Twenty years older, and the average would be about 120 pages. A decade newer, and they’d be a hundred pages longer. I always find it interesting how accurately you can date books by the length and the cover art.

See you after I finish Killashandra!

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