I finished Prophecy, book two in the Symphony of Ages.  Or book two in the Rhapsody trilogy, as the set was originally called.  I was putting my book cover on Destiny, the third book, and noticed that the first section in that book is titled Finale.  In Rhapsody and Prophecy, it’s worth noting that musical terms are used to denote the various sections.  First Movement, Interlude, Second Movement, Intermezzo, etc.  It serves to further enhance the musical bent of the books and the main character.  There’s a line in one of the books that talks of music as “a map to the vibrations of the world”, and as the series goes on, it becomes evident that this is meant rather literally.

The more I read and reread, the more detail and effort I find that Elizabeth Haydon has put into her magic system.  It’s just as elaborate as any of Brandon Sanderson’s, but where the latter seems to create them as a hobby and then writes books based on each, Haydon seems more inclined to hone and refine this one, gradually revealing the depths of its power to her loyal readers.

I’d also like to point out that one of her characters says that “[Coffee] smells like dirt from a skunk’s grave” and then continues to refer to the substance as “skunk urine.” Since I myself cannot stand the scent of coffee, and would never dream of consuming it, I always enjoy these bits.

I’ll also mention that it was Rhapsody that taught me my favorite word: cwm.  It’s a Welsh word that indicates a natural amphitheater-like space formed from the caldera of an old volcano.  Pronounced as “koom.”  Which reminds us of why the letter is known as a “double u”, because it was meant as a longer vowel, and not the “wuh” sound we normally use.  That was reserved for the Latin “v”.  So, “veni vedi vici” was actually pronounced as “weni wedi wiki”.  See what four years of Latin does for you?

Anyway, I may have more to say about the actual books after I finish Desiny, which does conclude this trilogy and this story arc for the world of the Symphony of Ages.


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