An Epic Beginning

I said I was probably going to go for fantasy next, and that’s exactly what I did.  This particular series is what I class as “epic high fantasy”, meaning that the world uses magic with no technology, the scope is at least the scale of a continent, and the stakes are probably going to be worldending in the event of failure.

Interestingly enough, when I started this particular reread yesterday morning, I was talking to a friend.  She mentioned her glee about finding out that one of her favorite trilogies was more than that, and sent me a screenshot.  The first title in the trilogy/series was Rhapsody, the very same book I had begun.  Book one of the Symphony of Ages, by Elizabeth Haydon.

I do love it when I find other people who enjoy the same less-well-known books I love.

As you might guess from the title of book and series, music is a strong, underlying theme throughout.  Also color and the elements, but we haven’t quite covered that ground by this point in the series, and I can revisit that when I’ve finished rereading more books.

The other reason I chose to reread the Symphony of Ages now is because I have book eight, The Hollow Queen, sitting in the bottom of my Pile.  (The pile is sorted by size, so hardcovers tend to be on the bottom.)  Thanks to my friend, I learned that book nine, supposedly the final book in the series, came out last month. I have since ordered it on amazon and, as there’s no preorders in my cart this time, I should have it before I finish the rest of the series.  I do appreciate being able to read through everything in one fell swoop.

I think I’ve been putting off this reread because I’m less a fan of some of the choices made in later books, which is a shame.  The original three (RhapsodyProphechy, and Destiny) are wonderful, complete with strong story, powerful characters to drive it, and an intriguing magic system.  I should remember that even though the books are starting to fall apart and even though some of the later books are not as good, those aren’t good reasons to deprive myself of a reread so enjoyable, that I might accidentally miss a punch or two when reading on my breaks at work.

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